» On Monday, I presented Flayer: Exposing Application Internals at the First USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT'07). Flayer is a Valgrind tool for software security testing and analysis that provides bit-precise input taint tracing and execution path alteration. … »
» This my crack at a (quick!) safe integer library for C. The routines are based off of the recommendations at CERT's secure coding site, but I'm trying to add interfaces that are more appealing to the developer. Shockingly, integer overflows and sign erro … »
» I've been looking for a useful tool to aid note taking, but that I could also keep on a USB stick safely. I didn't want to have to toy with encrypted filesystems or specialized programs to access it, and I'd like it to be cross platform. I ran across »
» Ruby/ActiveLdap is a project I started when I first found Ruby. I'd been tortured by poor LDAP tool suites and LDAP's increasing ubiquity. It provides an ORM mapping from LDAP data to objects in Ruby by automatically parsing the server's LDAP … »
» I used to spend a lot of time writing helpful tools for myself in Ruby. I haven't done much in a while. I've dumped the old skeletons of work in a directory. Feel free to try anything out, but I can't guarantee how usefu … »
» A while back I sent a patch upstream to tcpdump which adds support for timed rotation of saved packet data files … »
» Ruby/ActiveLdap parses LDAP schemas provided by the server in order to determine what attributes are available for a particular object and how they should be treated. This is being done primarily with the regula … »
» An old stab at a POSIX-compatible, user-level threading library. … »

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